Saturday, November 24, 2007

Oh Snap

My first post.

I don't know what has inspired me to write a blog. I think it's the week long sickness that i've been suffering (badly, very badly). I've barely left my home in over a week (aside from a two day reprieve to stuff myself with turkey- while sick- while barely breathing- while unable to enjoy the tastes and smells of my parents' extensive wine collection).

Anyways, i'm not really a crazy cat lady... but I am the proud owner of two adorable six month old cats, who will most likely grace the pages of this blog quite frequently.

The name stuck b/c two weeks before my 26th birthday, I brought home two, adorable, 8 week old kittens from the shelter (which btw.. I may be a crazy cat lady, but at least I saved some lives people). As any new mom would do, I quickly texted a picture of my two kittens to my nearest and dearest friends and family (or my entire contact list- but that's besides the point).. and my brother shot back with an oh so friendly..."what! only 26 and already turning into the crazy cat lady." Yup, that's right folks. I may be crazy- crazy in LOOOOOOVE. :)