Friday, December 28, 2007

Cafe du Monde and no kids

Speaking of New Orleans and Cafe du Monde....

I should preface this post by saying that I am one hell of a planner. I don't always take the reins, and I'm just as happy allowing someone else to throw something together, but when interested, and when motivated, I can throw something together in a flash.

This week, we have to work, but the schools are closed and there isn't a kid in sight (avoid the mall). As a result, that gives you a lot of psychologists and not much to do.

Every year the National Association of School Psychologists ( hosts a professional development convention in a different city. I went to it last year in New York City. It involves one week of fun, friends, and work related advancement (in addition to shopping, checking out a new city, and the perk of not having to take personal or annual leave. We get paid just like it was any old day in the schools).

Anyways, like I said, I was lucky enough to go last year and stayed with one of my very favorite friends, Amanda, in NYC. However, NYC is only about 3 hours away from here and easily accessible.

This year, the convention is in New Orleans. I figured that it was a little far fetched to head down there (funds are tight, motivation was tighter as a first year "real" school psych). Anyways, I got all the emails for NASP about the event in September, October, November, and erased them from my inbox before I could even read them and get any ideas.

Call it the Christmas high, or the not having much to do at work lull, but I randomly decided that, yes, I am going to NASP, and that I'm going to recruit a few friends to joined me. Within 10 minutes, I had convinced my friends (and coworkers) Alli and Mari to take the trip with me. I made a few calls, called in a few favors, and found a hotel room right in the hot spot of town for only $39.00 a night (yes, this is a great deal. Yes, I have a good connection. No, sorry, I can't hook you up as well). I accomplished this in about an hour. Mari and Alli looked on in disbelief.

Today, we booked three plane tickets which I (with the help of fabulous boyfriend) found on southwest for under $150.00. We fly in on fat Tuesday, and the first night of the conference.

I've been doing the I'm going to New! Orleans! During! Mardi! Gras! For! Work! Dance! for the last two days.

In other news, although I love working with the kids, it is incredible to have adult interaction over Christmas break. We usually work in the schools Mon-Fri, but we also have offices at a satellite building. Whenever we have to work, but the kids don't, we usually all meet up there to work together for the day. It's amazing what a little adult interaction can do for you. I needed that.


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