Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve, part two

The feasting on Christmas Eve didn't end with the pretzels and cookies either, seafood quickly followed. We aren't catholic, nor are we Italian (probably the furthest from it), but we like to partake in a seven fishes celebration every Christmas Eve. Our love for seafood is our excuse. We started off with king crab legs. My sister's hand is in the picture just to show how huge these things really were. It was heaven in a crab leg.

There's no such thing as a holiday without lobster. We added that to the list of seven as well.

We also open about half of our presents on Christmas eve. My sister gave me this lovely book entitled, "Stop Dressing your Six Year Old Like a Skank." It's really the perfect gift for a school psychologist (also, note the gorgeous Tiffany's necklace that I'm wearing, compliments of my fabulous boyfriend).

These next two pictures are backwards, but I made my mother and sister flower pot pens for their desks (yes, they also received real, non cheesy gifts as well). However, they both are now gainfully employed with their first "real" job, so I wanted to do something for their desks at work. They had other ideas.
*Disclaimer*: not shown in these pictures are the 3 bottles of champagne, and 2 bottles of Chardonnay that were consumed prior to opening gifts.

Erinn looks psyched. My mom, not so much.... (until she learned that they could be used as hair decor).

My aforementioned fabulous boyfriend bought my parents some lovely wine (my personal favorite), which we also enjoyed. Thanks, J.