Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve wrap up.. part one.

Christmas started early this year for my family. My brother lives in Virginia Beach, and decided to spend the holidays with his girlfriend's family. He came up to Northern VA on Saturday to celebrate with us. We ate, drank, and played a lot. Prime rib was the meal of choice (brother's choice) and it was fabulous.

Anyways, until I can write anything more substantial. Here's Christmas Eve, part one in pictures.

My mother has an obsession with aluminum Christmas trees. She literally cried when she was outbid for a pink one on eBay at the last second. My dad and I think she has plenty already.

Yet another aluminum Christmas Tree. This is the one with the presents... most of which aren't actually in the picture, and which were opened on "mock" Christmas with my brother.

If you're scared of the head in the lower left hand corner, join the club. I hate that thing. Someday, I might just throw it out the window. Oops, sorry mom.

Plenty of Santa's to go around

We hand dipped and melted chocolate for 30 chocolate covered pretzels, complete with Christmas sprinkles. Did I mention that the only people at our house on Christmas Eve were me, my mom, dad, and sister (oh yes, and our neighbor Steve)? We didn't make them for anyone else either. They were all for us, and as a result, I'm currently too fat to fit in real pants (which is why all my xmas pics will be complete with sweatpants).

We didn't stop at the pretzels either. Our family tradition is to make Christmas cookies and decorate them every Christmas eve. We also ate most of them. Ourselves.