Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in 500 words or less

Christmas day began with a 10 am wake up call. Can you say heaven?

We all went downstairs and had a fabulous time making beignets. The great little French donuts that you can purchase at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. My family is obsessed, and we buy the mix in bulk whenever anyone visits New Orleans.

Next, we opened presents. The highlights from Christmas day included a new Coach wallet and a pair of Joe's Jeans (among other stocking stuffers).

We spent the next five hours feasting on Ham, playing Cranium (a personal family favorite), drinking champagne and hanging out. We also took a hike through the woods in pajamas. Overall, it was a fabulously relaxing holiday.

It was the kitten's first Christmas and their first time away from home for more than a few hours. It was an interesting adventure. I thought that Snap would be totally game, and that Sage would be scared shit less. The exact opposite occurred (Sage actually shit on the floor when we tried to get her in the crate to go home).

Sage loved the new house, Snap cried most of the time. They were both very happy to go home. Especially since Sammy (our family dog) drooled on them for better part of two days. They surprisingly both reacted better than I thought they would to a giant dalmatian, 8 times their size.

A cute picture my mom and Sage....

My father (who hates cats) attempting to cuddle with Snap. Neither look particularly amused with the situation. I think it's probably because Snap spent the previous two hours on my sister's lap. My sister is in love with Snap and totally plays favorites.
Sammy, the drooling dog. She was also in on the Christmas spirit and she sported a Christmas dog collar throughout the holiday celebration.

I am totally bummed that it's back to work tomorrow. I hit up the sales today and officially feel like a little adult. I stocked up on after Christmas wrapping paper, and went crazy with ornaments at pier one. Now I just need to buy a dresser so that I can actually store all of my new goods for the next year. I guess that's next on the list for me. I'll be looking at on my lunch break tomorrow.