Sunday, December 9, 2007


Last night was Hilary's Ugly Sweater Christmas Party! Fun was had by all.

Jen, Mari, Hilary and I posing in front of the Christmas tree. The ho, ho's team up with the KMart sweater team.

There was plenty of karaoke

John looked adorable in his not entirely that ugly sweater.
Everyone loves karaoke, I think we sang love shack half a dozen times last night.

My house before the party. If I could figure out how to add edit pictures on blogger, I would have put this one first.
Anyways, there's nothing like an excuse to dress like a fool, drink lots, sing karaoke and enjoy the holiday season.
If you'd like to see more pics.. check out my picasa album or facebook account. They are all up there.

I'm off to veg out, recoup and watch the steelers/pats game on the couch. I'm really crossing my fingers for the Steelers. After living in Massachusetts for seven years, I loathe the patriots. With an extreme passion. LETS GO STEELERS!!

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