Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Like woah

This week has been incredibly busy. Perhaps it is the Holiday rush, where we have to get everything done before our time off (all one week of it)- I swear, you would think that we were off for a month or something.

I wish.

Anyways, I digress. It's been one heck of a busy week full of testing, reports, finalizing reports etc. Any day that I don't have time to spend on gmail chat is far too busy for me.

I cannot believe that the holidays are only about 10 days away. I've finished my shopping, I've mailed all of my Christmas cards, I've set up my mantel and my tree, and I've changed my ring tone to a lovely Christmas ditty. However, the 60 degree weather isn't making me feel a lot like Christmas.

I actually started sweating at work today! Are you sure that it is December?

Today I was doing a conflict resolution group with three, fourth grade boys. Apparently one of them has been forcing the others to carry his instrument, open his backpack, and open his lunch box. We looked at him and said, "Do you force them to feed you too?"

He looks back all wide eyed and innocent and said, "No, I can actually handle that myself."

Well, phew. I wish I had that much power when I was in elementary school.

I asked him why he forced the other kids to do things for him and he just said, "I'm just one of those lazy type people."

Then I had to deal with more bathroom issues. I'm not really sure why people call the psychologist for anything and everything related to the bathroom. Our boys find it amusing to play in the toilet, throw soap at one another, and scale the walls of the stall (true to male form).

We already have three students that must be accompanied to the bathroom at all times. I don't think that that is part of my job description.

Anyways, this is an incredibly boring post, but I really only have stories similar to the ones outlined above to share this week. Such is a life with ten year olds.

I'm going to the transiberian orchestra this weekend. I'm very excited. My parents will be meeting the boy. Wish us luck.

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