Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Postal Service

Have you ever used one of those automated package kiosks in the post office?

I appreciate them because there is never a line and it's relatively fast, but they ask some seriously dumb questions.

Question #1: Is your package a large envelope, a box, or a letter?

Okay, that's easy. It's a large envelope.

Question #2: Is your package square or rectangle?

Ummm, seriously? Are there any packages that aren't square and/or rectangle? How does one even wrap a circular item in a mailing package? Wouldn't you put it in a box?

Question #3: Is there any guns, weapons, gunpowder or bombs in your package?

Obviously i'm here at the public post office to ship off a 20 pound vat of gun powder. Everyone! Look at me and my package full of TNT.

Question #4: Would you like next day shipping for $32.00 or priority mail (2 days) for $5.67?

Gee, now that is one tough question.