Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Still going on about wand wavers

If you've ever stopped by my myspace, you probably noticed the fact that I loathe meteorologists. Amazingly, I spent half of my childhood lusting after the job.

Now I know why- waving a wand at a fake map and making things up (such as snow storms- maybe, hail- that could be as large as a golf ball or nonexistent, and potentially gust worthy winds) is much easier than spending the day with hundreds of children. Not that I don't love spending my day with children, but for $80,000 annually, waving that wand seems like a pretty sweet gig.

We should have a snow storm tomorrow. Now, being the nondiscriminatory person that I am, I like snow in all shapes and sizes. Whether it results in a two hour delay, an early dismissal, a snow day... like I said, I don't discriminate. Any of the above are fine with me.

However, I can envision that I'll wake up tomorrow and feel much like I did a handful of times last winter. The wand wavers predict an inch, or two, or three (In my neck of the woods, an inch stops everything). I wake up at 4 and 5 and 6 am, inevitably waiting for that lovely text message from the local television station, giving me the best news I'd hear all day; snow day! Two hour delay! More often than not, that text never comes and I begrudgingly stomp out of bed, peek through the blinds, and see nothing more than the sun shining on green, dew covered grass.

I'm hoping that I wake up to snow. But I've learned my lesson after far too many disappointed mornings.

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