Friday, December 21, 2007

Thank you

They won. Phew.

J and I went to watch the game at a local bar. They host trivia every Thursday night, and for some strange reason, J is obsessed with trivia.

Last night was incredibly annoying and included a round with 39 questions that looked like this....


Deck the halls with boughs of holly.....

....was the answer. Try doing that for 39 different Christmas songs. I gave up after four and continued watching the game.

You know, the one where the Steelers won.

Technically, today was the last day with kids. However, I had a staff meeting in the morning and then the psychological staff party in the afternoon. So my kid seeing days ended yesterday.

It was so much fun. We have a group of people on staff that make up songs to popular tunes such as "Deck the halls" and "Silent night." I would write the lyrics on here for you all, but I think it's something only a school psychologist would understand.

In other news, I've ate more in the last two days that I have in weeks. It's pretty disgusting. Pretty soon you're going to have to roll me out the door.