Wednesday, January 30, 2008

C25K day one, redone

The skinny bitches finally left the gym and I managed to begin (again) week one of the Couch to Five K revolution. It went well.. although harder than the first time I tried it.

*disclaimer- I'm not entirely lazy, I ended up catching a major cold less than five hours after the last attempt at running. If I get sick again.. I'm going to go beat up the treadmill.*

Moving on, it was definitely harder. My legs didn't want to move quite as fast this time around, but hopefully that will change soon.

I went to the doctor today for a check-in and realized that I've probably gained between 5-8 pounds since the last time I was there in July. I'm not amused. I refuse to go higher than a size six. Not because I'm a jerk, and not because I think above a size six is in any way, shape or form large, but because I cannot afford a new wardrobe.

I am living in a far too expensive apartment paying for a car, student loans, and only in my first year as an actual paid employee. I repeat (in case my growing stomach can hear me), I cannot afford a whole new wardrobe. Metabolism sucks right?

I'm almost at my 100th post! I'm sort of new to the blogging world, so what should I do to celebrate?