Sunday, January 27, 2008

Design Her Gals!

As you may have noticed, I've added a picture of me (a graphic, that I helped design) on the right of my blog. I was directed to this website from another blogger, The Cat's Pajamas.

This is a very cool website that sells fabulous personalized stationary and other gifts. Best of all, they are dedicated to stage IV breast cancer patients, and work hard to put some of their sales profits towards the research and care of breast cancer patients. You can find all of the information about their products, how to design your own "gal," and stage IV breast cancer here; Design Her Gals. I was incredibly excited to find my "gal" in my inbox this afternoon.

I had a lot of fun making her, and I think she fits me to a "T." I actually wore that exact outfit, I'm talking the dress (very similar, mine was solid, not floral), the boots, the tights and the necklace when I went to see the Transiberian Orchestra with J and the family. She fits my style and personality perfectly. Best of all, I was able to add tiny little Snap and Sage lookalikes to my "gal." The Snap cat is right on (orange/white). In real life, Sage is more Gray and less white, but it works. The cat duo was perfect because Sage probably has at least a few pounds on Snap, and the picture fits accordingly.

Anyways, I love my new gal, and I hope you do too. At the very least, check out the website. Their products are perfect for bridesmaids, teachers, etc. They are things anyone can use and you can personalize them to fit all of your friends. I know I wouldn't complain if any of you wanted to buy me a few products.

*edited to add:* if you can see her, please leave a quick comment to let me know. I'm hoping that it at least works for a few people....

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