Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In my bed

This is what is in my bed, every single night.

Is it strange that my cat spoons with me every night? It may be, but I'm not going
to complain. She's an absolute sweetie. Everyone told me, get a boy cat, they are much more cuddly. Not so, my girl is 100% in love with me. My boy couldn't care less.

6 out of 7 nights we're doing the spoon train. J (unhappily- the purring annoys him, it puts me to sleep) is on the end, I'm in the middle and Sage caps us off on the other end.


A.D. said...

So cute...she is like my Zoey, who is absolutely in love with me and only me (which makes me supremely happy!) One of my boy cats likes to cuddle, but only on his terms. I love the kitty kat spoon...it happens very rarely here. Usually, they like to lay next to my legs and pin the sheets down so I can't move!

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