Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's a new year

I went back to work today. In all fairness, I actually worked two days last week, but those were fun days at work. The kind where I can converse with some adults, sleep in a tiny bit, and wear jeans.

Today, it was back to the grind, and it wasn't a very exciting one at that. I was looking forward to vacation for months, now, there isn't much more to look forward to on the work horizon (aside from New Orleans- half fun, half work).

These past two weeks have been wonderful. There is nothing quite like sleeping in, playing games, visiting with friends and family and eating like woah. Which I did, quite well. The jeans barely fit.

I did decide to do something about it. In the form of Dance, Dance Revolution. We'll see how that goes. I'm not really a gamer, but I'm very into DDR and Singstar (which we enjoyed for hours on New Years Eve). I've just never been one to work out, and i've never stuck to anything aerobic for more than a few months.

The meteorologists did it again. Yesterday, before bed, there was a 60% chance of snow by 5 am. Today, when I woke up (and there was no snow on the ground), there was a 20% chance of snow. With all of the technological advancement in this world, wouldn't you think that something as simple as snow could be predictible? Regardless, I want some.

I'm in a nesting phase. The kind where all you want is to lay low at home, buy a house, and entertain. I'm reading Better Homes and Gardens for fun and have got back into the cooking swing (it helps to cook for two). Nesting isn't quite as fun when it's 50-60 degrees outside though.

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