Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Truth be told, the recent pictures that I've posted of the cats are not all that recent. I have thousands of files on my computer named; cats first week, cats september, cats october etc. However, as of late, my cats are not down with posing for pictures.

I finally got them to simmer down for a few hours yesterday, and I managed to get some more recent shots.

They are no longer the tiny little fur balls that they used to be.. but still adorable. They are fast approaching 8 months old and look like actual cats now, rather than kittens. I can't believe how long I've owned them.

J thinks I talk about my cats too much. I was appalled. I have enough love for him and the kitties.

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A.D. said...

Like the new pics of the kitties...they have grown. The new background looks great too. Looks like you got it to work!