Thursday, January 24, 2008

No Kids!

We have/had no kids today and tomorrow.

It really is a blessing sometimes. I actually accomplished more today, in only 3 hours, than I do in an entire week sometimes. I added to at least 5 psych reports which will make my life much easier when I take a week off to go to New Orleans (2 weeks! yay!). The only downside to no kids means less time to test them within the 60 day time frame. When I'm only at a school two days per week (MAX), those sixty days are swallowed up pretty fast.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I have to give a presentation to the staff on a psychological assessment. Throughout which, I will be closely watched by my boss for my second annual evaluation. Cross your fingers for me.

I decided to stay in and recoup tonight. J and I usually go to trivia on Thursday nights with a group of his friends, but I gave him a kiss and sent him on his way. I needed to prepare for the presentation (I'm type A, expect numerous handouts) and to hopefully get rid of this cold. I am certainly past the point of no return. Now about once every 3 hours my nose gets stuffed up. The rest of the time I feel decent.

I was turned on to Palm Gifts today by a fellow blogger, and lets just say that it is a little dangerous. I'm trying to be good, and trying to keep my spending (vacation) in check, but I'm kind of a fan of all things preppy and all things monogrammed (not that I actually have anything yet, but watch out. It should arrive in 6-10 days). I really hope my mom hasn't figured out how to read this blog.

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