Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I am pathetically reliant on the internet.

If you asked me last week, I would have brushed it off in a second. I don't know HTML, I can't do any type of programming, and I actually have to search how to add/remove programs.

Internet whiz, I am not. But if you take away my internet for even an hour, I feel like I'm back in the stone age. Today, our work internet was down throughout the entire county. We happened to have about 8 meetings lined up. I was out of parent checklists, and without internet, it was impossible to contact my secretary and ask her to fax or send me more.

Well, that was until some nice lady (obviously older, b/c honestly, no one my age would think about this) that I work with reminded me that I could easily call my secretary and ask her to send the checklists over.

It was a total ah ha moment. Picture me, with light bulb over my head and everything. Me, internet addicted Ashley, wouldn't even think to pick up a phone to get something that I needed.

Amazingly, I was born before the internet was even invented (I think). It is truly amazing how I survived. I have now vowed to use the phone more often, just so that it's a tool that I remember to use in the future.

Before you start shaking your heads, starting off my week with a happy hour (last night) probably wasn't the best idea either. I think I may have killed a few brain cells.

In other news, the new dresser looks fabulous (albeit huge). It's amazing how much smaller furniture looks in the vast, giant warehouse that is Ikea. It's MUCH larger than expected, but I blame myself for that (and it doesn't look bad, just big). My mother urged me to put masking tape on the floor in the exact dimensions of the dresser to determine if I could live with something that large for one week. I instead did the go to Ikea (where everything is apparently dwarfed next to the surroundings) and do the stare and ponder test (which lasts about 30 seconds), then go and buy it.

I really need to start learning my lessons.

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