Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This may be TMI

But... my office at work is right next door to the bathroom. Actually, right next door to two bathrooms. Both of which are the single stall type. Without getting too graphic (and ungirly, I like to appear girly), lets just say that both bathrooms are frequented quite often..... and much to my dismay, about once an hour the stench is unbearable.

My coworkers just do their business and then leave the door wide open! Others at least use a courtesy spray of air freshener, but lets be honest. Instead of plain old shit, now my office smells like pine tree shit or vanilla shit.

After a few too many times complaining via Gmail chat to my friend Amanda (look two shout-outs in one week) she recommended that I try these things called "Poof Drops." I was a little skeptical, but now I think I want to call up the inventors and kiss them myself.

I pray that you don't have this problem as well, but if you do.. seriously, give them a chance. My work life as improved substantially since purchasing them. You can get them here, and for 10 dollars a pop and 4 dollar shipping (I got two bottles), it's really not a bad deal.

Okay, moving on from gross topics (seriously, you'll want to kiss me too if you try it out), I'm STILL sick. I'm certainly on the mend, but 100% I am not. Work was incredibly busy too, but at least that allowed me to ignore my stuffed up miserableness (is that a word?)

Little kids are funny though.

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