Thursday, January 17, 2008

A waste of perfectly good snow

We have snow. Beautiful, glorious, icy cold snow.

I, for one, am a huge fan of snow. Winter must have one or two redeeming qualities, and really, snow is it. I don't dig chapped lips or below zero temps. I'm not a huge fan of gray days when the sun sets at 4:30pm. Getting up 15 minutes earlier to chisel ice off my windshield isn't exactly a walk in the park. All in all, I'm a Spring, Summer and Fall type of girl.

But, like I've mentioned (more than a handful of times this winter), for some reason I like snow. I think it's pretty, and much better to look at then the freezing gray expanse that usually lies outside my window. However, I think what I like best about snow, is the fact that allows me to sleep in (sometimes).

Today, we finally got the snow.... but it started at 1pm. Snowstorms that begin at 1pm generally mean no two hour delay and certainly no day off.

Around the United States, you will see teachers, psychologists, guidance counselors and other school staff checking habitually when there is even mention of snow. You will also hear the sighs and disappointed sounds of teachers that find out the snow storm is scheduled on Saturday, or is going to start after 12pm. Sigh. What a total waste of a good snow storm.

So instead, we now have some gorgeous snow out there, but no snow day or early dismissal. This was my ride home. My commute, which generally takes 20 minutes, took over an hour. Maryland drivers are not exactly known for their ability to maneuver snow. In fact, they are some of the worst i've ever seen.

We got about 2-4 inches. A lot more than usual, but certainly not a blizzard. However, where I live, 2 inches is a perfect excuse to run down to the safeway and load up on toilet paper and dry goods incase of a state of emergency. It's also a perfect excuse to drive 2 miles per hour on the high way. Sweet.

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