Sunday, January 6, 2008

Well then...

I think maybe I jinxed us both.

That sucked. Like woah.

Luckily I started drinking at 4 pm so the shock didn't hit quite as hard.

I had a feeling that it wasn't our lucky night, but that was one of those games that just pulls on your heartstrings.

We were losing. BAD.

Then we came back in the last quarter, took over the lead, only to lose it again in the final minute of the game.

Maybe this makes me sound like a bad fan, but I like to save the heart attack inducing games (i.e. the dramatic ones) for the regular season or for the Superbowl. There's nothing fun about seeing a playoff game full of ups and downs and ups and super far down, downs.

The special teams, didn't look nearly as special as they should have.

The interceptions left me dumping my other boyfriend Ben, via a 60 inch widescreen TV (I don't think he noticed).

The fact that they lost by a field goal in the final minutes of the game is what really angers me. I'm not going to go wild and find the exact stats, but I can name at least four (including last night) playoff games the Steelers have lost, by a field goal, in the final seconds of the game. Seriously, they need to address that problem. We could start by getting Adam Vinatieri to move over to the NFC.

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