Thursday, January 10, 2008

You look awful

Today, I had to run from one of my schools to the other to pick up a student's cumulative and special education folders (to hand deliver to yet another school).

As I was sitting in the conference room, while the special education teacher was rifling through the folder to make sure everything was in there, the speech and language pathologist walked in.

Disclaimer: Now, I took Monday off. Mainly for mental health, i.e. laziness reasons, but it was a sick day.

As she walks in she says, "wow, you look like death rolled over twice today."

Umm. I'm not entirely sure what death rolled over twice means and/or looks like, but thanks for that. That certainly was not the highlight of my day. I love being told that I look like crap, despite feeling fine (mostly).

I did have a headache, and I was surely exhausted- but now I think she jinxed me and i'm sitting at home feeling worse.

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A.D. said...

One of my work friends always tells me I look "tired...really, really tired." So, even when I'm feeling great, it is good to know that I look like a hag with shadows under her eyes. Seriously...what are people thinking??