Friday, February 1, 2008


I probably should not be posting right now (b/c I've had more than a few drinks tonight, but oh well).

I started off the night at happy hour with a bunch of friends. I finished off the night at home while finishing off a bottle of wine with my friend Mari.

Lets just say that I was a little buzzed. When she went to hug me goodbye, my aim was off and I ended up swiping her face. She cried out, "You broke my nose!" I don't think it's broken, but oops, I just punched my friend in the face. Now that's a good 100 post.

I'll let you know tomorrow if she survived the night without a broken nose.

Last night J surprised me with an early valentines day present. He took me to the Cirque Dreams show in Baltimore. It was amazing. He works a lot, and we're both pretty busy, so it was fabulous to spend the night with him. We did dinner and the show and had an all around fabulous night. I highly recommend cirque shows. It blows me away that people perform in that manner.

I went to another Cirque show in Vegas (La Reve) which was incredible and underwater. J knew I loved it so much, and went out of his way to find something similar. I'm one lucky girl.

Anyways, happy 100 to me. Some people take a year to get there, I took a little more than two months. Does that make me a major loser? I prefer to think that I just have a lot to say.


A.D. said...

Happy 100th post drunk girl (or I guess hungover girl would be more accurate now)! Sounds to me like you are a long way from acting 62! Hopefully, your friend doesn't have a broken nose or any bruising...and I definitely don't think you are a loser. You just have a lot of information and stories to share (which I for one find very amusing!)

Ashley said...

awww why thank you a.d.!!!