Monday, February 25, 2008

Delurk Day!

Have you ever looked at the keyword analysis tool on Site Meter? You know, to see how people get to and/or find your blog. I must say, people search some pretty crazy sh*t to get to the land of the crazy cat lady.

I'm not going to call anyone out, in case any of my Google searchers still read here, but I must say, I have one personal favorite-- the "I hate Applebees" searcher.

I'm happy to report that if you were to type that little phrase into Google, my site would pop up on the search list. Score. I hate you Applebees.

Anyways, I have finally made it to 2,000 hits and the same two people comment on my blog-- and that's it (with a few minor exceptions). Boyfriend, because he has to and The Cat's Pajamas, because she's really cool.

Now, today isn't National De lurk day or anything- but I figured it's worth a shot. I'm not asking for anything amazing. Just "Hi," "Super Sweet Blog, Ashley," or even "Quit with all the damn cat pictures" would suffice.

In other news, today wasn't as traumatic as I envisioned it would be (yesterday). I'm hoping that tomorrow will be okay too. I did learn some very important things today. Most notably, why it's so important to exercise.

X says, "Well Ms. A., it's important to exercise cause when you're running away from people coming after you, you don't want to get all out of breath and stuff."

Would you believe me if I told you he was "Dope-man" the cat's neighbor?

Sigh. It's true.

It seems we also have a new "ball-grabber" on our hands. We just had a new first grader enroll at our school and apparently he loves touching balls (and I'm not talking baseballs this time-- and I'm not talking about his own). I mostly just enjoy watching my 60-something-year-old principal talking about balls. It's highly amusing.

I think I give this school too much credit for my anxiety. It can actually be quite enteraining sometimes.

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