Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

It has been a banner day for me so far.

I sat in meetings all day. I'm talking 8 hours straight with a half hour break for lunch.

While at lunch, one of my fellow coworkers accidently squirted salad dressing in my eye, my hair, and all over my cashmere sweater. Luckily it was only vinegar, no oil, but I smell like a bag of chips. Apparently you need to be careful when and where you are squirting those things.

Perhaps a danger warning sign would help. I took matters into my own hands ---------------------------->

At least I had a more amusing afternoon. During the (FIVE) whole minutes that I had to actually check on kids, I was part of a very amusing conversation.

Boy 1: "Denasia" is my girlfriend.
Boy 2: Mine too!
Boy 3: Denasia is my girlfriend too Ms. A. She's all of our girlfriends.
Me: You share her as your girlfriend?
Boy 1: Yes, we don't mind.
Boy 2: It just makes us tougher.
Boy 3: Yeah, I did 112 push-ups to win the time with her.
Boy 2: Yup, and if we stay on green ALL day, we get to spend time with her.
Boy 3: She's my princess.
Boy 1: You mean, all of our princess.

I probably should have been like, no, girlfriends are unexceptable in kindergarten. Intead I just laughed. And laughed, and then wrote it down so I wouldn't forget it.

In case you are confused, green = great in my schools. We use a color chart, and each time you misbehavior, you need to flip your card. Apparently, staying on green is the way to lil' Denasia's heart.

I'm off to go cook. John's car problems aren't going to ruin our evening. We're having a cook-off tonight. Two appetizers, two entrees, and potentially two desserts. I'm eating good tonight (and gaining a million pounds).

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