Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Like, Totally! For Sure!

My name is Leslie Sansone.

I like to be.

Incredibly happy when I walk one mile in my living room.



I started doing the "Walk Away the Pounds" DVDs by Leslie Sansone. You know, for those days that I can't drag my butt all 75 feet to the treadmill for a hard core C25K workout.

Sometimes I think that the tapes are probably geared towards the over 75 set, but whatever. I like to walk (and it's clearly something i'm good at- as are you). I especially like the fact that I can walk three miles in my living room- in under an hour.

My couch to five K journey is going to go a little slower, but I like to mix it up. Otherwise I just get bored and quit. So now, instead of getting annoyed by the boring treadmill, i'm getting annoyed by Leslie's constant banter.

But seriously, on mute, it's a work out I totally recommend.

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