Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Hits and Misses

HIT: One only meeting at work today. I was actually able to test two children today!

MISS: Sorry if you needed psychological help today kiddos, I was locked in my closet testing like a mad woman.

HIT: My secretary called me at 10am to inform me that, yes, there is per diem help available! Not only that, but a retired psychologist would be more than happy to take two testing cases from me.

HIT: The psychologist actually called and has already scheduled a time to come and test some of my kids.

MISS: Welcome to Maryland. Another snow storm hits right at 2pm. Just in time for school to be out, and traffic to suck on the way home. I don't anticipate that we'll be thrown any snow-bones this year.

HIT: Dentist appointment. I can't say that I am in love with dentist appointments, but it's over with and the 3 cans of full sugar, full calorie coke that I've been ingesting lately have not rotted my teeth (yet).

MISS: Some a-hole hit my car today. As I was leaving the dentist, some loser in a mercedes pulled right out in front of me and continued on right into my front bumper. His entire tail was covered in snow and god forbid he take a few extra minutes to ensure that he can actually see out of his rear window. Best part is, I LAID on my horn. I'm talking 45 seconds of sheer horn blowing and nothing could stop this man from hitting my car.

MISS: The man gets out of his car, surveys the situation (in three seconds), says "looks like no damage," gets back in his car and speeds off. Before I can get his license plate or information.

My car does not appear to have any damage, but I really couldn't tell in the dark, snowy parking lot. It was a blizzard out there.

HIT: The kittens are entranced by snow. They had an adorable afternoon sitting on the window watching the snow flakes fall.

MISS: The second I whipped out the camera to capture the cuteness, they ran off the windowsill.

HIT: Dinner and drinks with three friends that I used to spend almost every weekend with and barely ever see anymore. It was fabulously fun. I love good friends.

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