Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh No!

Boyfriend is as cool as a cucumber. He's currently taking online classes in order to become a CPA sometime in the future.

He just spent two hours locked up in my bedroom (that's another story altogether-- why the hell are we both paying rent on our respective apartments?) taking his first online test of the semester.

Now, the professor emailed to remind him of the test about a week ago. In her email, she noted that he should save his responses after answering each question.

Now, I'm type A to the max (so I would have finished the test about a week ago) and as a result, I annoyingly reminded boyfriend to save his responses before he started his test. Boyfriend came out exactly two hours later and said, "I think I just lost my whole test."

I said, "Ummm what?!?"

He replied, "After my time was up at 1 hour and 45 minutes, my whole test disappeared. It says that they will send all responses to the professor after the time is up. But, whenever I go back to look at the exam, it's blank."

Next, I said, "You saved it right?"

He says, "Ummm nope."

Me, "Boyfriend! I told you to save it after every response. It said so in the email and syllabus."

Boyfriend, "Oh, I thought I may have seen that somewhere."

Me, "Umm yeah, I just reminded you about two hours ago."

Boyfriend, "I have ADHD" (He so does not- trust me, I'm a psychologist, I diagnose that shiz every other day).


Do you know what boyfriend did after that-- he sat down and ate the pot roast I had cooked earlier and watched a little TV. He remained smiley and FINE! the! whole! time!

Now, I don't even have a really bad temper, but if that happened to me, the computer would have been thrown out the window, I would have started crying and then continue to flip out for the next two hours.

I said, "Boyfriend, can I get you a beer?"

He said no. I may have forgot to mention that if I were in his position, I probably would have taken at least 6 shots by then.

He's retaking his test right now, but seriously, I need to learn some skills from this man. Maybe I'm in need of some anger management and I don't even know it.


A.D. said...

Sounds like my husband...I'm pretty short-tempered and always stressed out about stuff, and he's very laid-back and relaxed about everything. I guess we need them to balance us out and make us a little more normal!!!

Ashley said...

yeah I think that must be true.

He is great at balancing.