Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pajamas on inside out and backwards

There may be snow tonight. Whoop Whoop.

Moving on....

Does anyone else think that T.V. sucks royally lately? It's pretty pathetic that I can't find anything half decent on my DVR right now. I used to be so behind, now I've resorted to watching HGTV all the time. I might have to go out and get a life or a hobby if this keeps up.

I watched the Rachael Ray show for the first time yesterday (side note: I am a closet Rachael Ray lover. I watch 30 minute meals on occasion, but she's totally whacked out on her talk show. Is she on speed or is she like that in real life?). The Cat's Pajama's recommended that I watch on Tuesday because they were talking about muffin top. More specifically, how to get rid of it. I'm quite interested in this new diet, but I'm a little skeptical. It's a little pricey for a diet book, but I'm contemplating it. Does anyone have any opinions on it?

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A.D. said...

I watched too, and one of my friends has actually already tried that diet, and it didn't work. I say don't waste the money on the book. Plus, RR said she incorporates those foods at every meal and check out her muffin top!