Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pro vs Con

PRO: Voting day allowed me to have an old school porch night with three friends that I miss greatly last night. There was drinking, there was gossiping, and there plenty of laughter.

CON: Boyfriend drank all the beer (I still love you) while I was away and my wine went bad. I was stuck drinking vodka and lemonade. Um gross.

PRO: Voting day allowed me to sleep in until 10am. Sweet.

CON: I woke up with a headache, that I still have at 6:30pm.

PRO: I got to go shopping! I ended up going with the blue/white polka dot dress. It's very cute.

CON: I am bummed that I can't afford a fabulous wardrobe from the Gap.

UNDECIDED: I have a dress obsession. I seriously own at least 20 dresses. Not fancy dresses, but very wearable ones, perfect for work, going to the grocery store and so on (you could probably tell from my last post). Now, I also never wear dresses in the winter, so what is the point of buying so many? They do get their use in the spring/fall/summer.

PRO: Boyfriend is amazing and made reservations for a fabulously romantic Valentines day dinner.

CON: Boyfriend's car broke it's going to cost 645 dollars to even diagnose what is wrong with it. Bye, Bye V-day dinner.

PRO: I didn't have to work!

CON: I sat in traffic for over one hour tonight, and moved a total of 1 mile. I'm talking a loop down my road, around and back up (I planned a longer trip, but with traffic like that, I promptly turned around. One hour later, I was home).

PRO: I went to the Safeway today and got a pork loin, 3 lbs of ground beef, 10 chicken breasts and 4 pork chops for $22.00.

PRO: I managed to work out C25K style today!

PRO: John will be feasting on pork chops and sage roasted potatoes thanks to me.

CON: It's 11 degree. What do they think this is?!?!? Alaska?

UNDECIDED: I had the day off today and couldn't even vote. Apparently you can't vote in MD if you are unaffliated with a party. I'm not sure if I care yet.

CON: My spell check won't work. I feel bad for anyone that reads this post.

CON CONTINUED: Although I'm not sure anyone actually reads my blog.

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Anonymous said...

Well, to be fair, I did buy the beer. And most of it is at Justins in the refrigerator in a plastic bag :)

And I'm sorry about my car, I didn't mean to ruin Valentines Day and probably your life!