Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I wish that the NaBloPoMo was starting already. I'm all about the lists. Otherwise, my posts would make ZERO sense sometimes.

Apparently I'm not as popular as I had hoped. Or at least my blog isn't. Not one person delurked. Not even the regulars. If I spend the night crying in my pillow, I hope you feel sorry for me.

Okay guilt trip over, don't feel too bad. I've gone from being a never-crier, to a crier, and full circle back to a never-crier. When I was in high school and college, I was known as the "Ice Princess" by my nearest and dearest. Very little could send me to tears. Not movies, not commercials and not even fights with friends. Then I turned 22. After 22 I cried about everything. Hallmark commercials sent me into tears, specials about adopting abandoned cats and dogs, you name it, I cried. I think I cried at least 15 out of 30 days in November, December and January 2006/2007. I'd like to blame an assho-lic (my word, patent pending) ex-boyfriend for that though.

Now, I'm back to not being able to cry. I suppose it's a good thing. I'm in an incredible relationship, things are looking up, but still... a good cry is a good thing every once in awhile. I did manage to squeeze out a few tears after the Steelers lost in the play-offs, but that's it. I'm all dried out--and that was over two months ago.

Anyways, moving on.. I didn't plan to go off on that tangent. I was simply trying to guilt someone, anyone into leaving a comment.


Today I had a fashion crisis. Last night, before falling asleep, I had the perfect outfit in mind for work. This is a rare occurrence for me. Despite a closet full of clothes, I have a hard time brainstorming outfits at 7am (especially when I'm dressing to impress a ten-year-old-- do I really care that much?)

Anyways, last night I was very pleased about this imagined outfit and was looking forward to waking up, throwing it on and heading out the door. In fact, I even slept in ten minutes later, because I would require exactly ten less minutes agonizing over what to wear. Well, my plan sucked. In my mind, the outfit was really cute. In reality, it looked like crap. The shirt was too big, the pants were too long (heels were not an option this morning), and the sweater wasn't working appropriately with the too big shirt.

Guess who walked into work 20 minutes late this morning thanks to fashion problems (pick me! pick me!). I had to spend 10 minutes attempting to fix the imagined outfit. Then, another ten minutes agonizing over what to wear before settling on old staples-- and not very cute old staples.

You may think that dressing for a ten-year-old is easy, but when you have a fan club (like most under 35-year-old school employees), the same old outfit isn't going to cut it. Walking down an elementary school hall is as empowering as Tyra Banks on the runway (okay I hate Tyra Banks, but I'm not great at brainstorming at 8:30pm--either).

Ms. A! Nice Hair.

Ooooooh, I love your shoes.

Wow, great necklace.

I walk out of their feeling like a supermodel. Of course, only the girls pay me compliments. The boys are too busy trying to avoid my old lady cooties.

I swear, if I ever hit it big, my first purchase is going to be one of those closets featured in Clueless. That way, I'd never have to think first think in the morning, and all of my clothes would be accounted for and organized. Score.


TV still sucks and boyfriend is at his apartment tonight (boo, I miss him).

However, this is how I'm spending my evening. Sage makes everything all better.

[DISCLAIMER: please ignore my profile. It's not very flattering. Focus on the fur ball].


Anonymous said...

Aww honey...you are popular, I just think that the general population isn't as cool and hip as you and therefore has no freaking idea what it means to 'delurk.'

A.D. said...

Oh no...don't cry! I didn't leave a comment b/c I thought it was just for the lurkers...not for the stalkers that always leave comments like me! I know what you mean though...sometimes, I feel like no one reads my blog and I love getting comments to show that at least a few people read it!

Ashley said...

haha no.. I'm not crying.

But I am beginning to think that I write for an audience of three.

Oh well.. I'll keep on truckin. For now.

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