Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Already?!?!

Say it isn't so.

I really wish that weekends could go by at the snail's pace that weekdays generally do. And just think, I had an extra "weekend" day on Friday thanks to the snow day (with no snow).

I am not looking forward to Monday. It's a full week and it's my least favorite place to be. That school gives me an anxiety attack just thinking about it. Especially after I learned that my special education teacher was talking smack about me at a recent meeting. That's a story for another day though (in case she ever finds this, I'm not going to return the smack talking favor). I haven't done anything wrong.. some people just like to complain.

I felt a little better after my boss sent out an email to the whole staff singing my praises for all of the extra stuff that I've been doing, such as attending NASP and presenting at a workshop on testing methods etc.

But still, I hate when people talk shit about me. Especially to my coworkers. Who subsequently tell me (I like those who tell me, not those who do it).

To those of you who feel my dieting pain, and I know a lot of the other bloggers that I read do, I had another rough dieting weekend. Last night, boyfriend and I went out with two other couples to a Mexican joint down the road. I love this place and the margaritas are lethal (it's rumored that they use grain alcohol in them). While there I ordered a burrito smothered in queso. Oh, and some chips with.....drum roll please... more queso for dipping.

Either my metabolism has to get it together and work like it did when I was sixteen, or you're going to have to roll me out of the house in a few years. I should be exercising right now, or all day perhaps, but we can once again blame boyfriend. He bought me the Sims 2 for Valentines day and I'd rather play that then bust a move at the gym (yes, I am a 12 year old girl). At least he thinks I'm hot--and not at all overweight.

In all fairness my pants have not become any tighter (yay!) and I may be looking slightly better (double yay!), but I don't like to jinx things. I use reverse psychology all of the time. Blame it on my profession, but most of the time it works for me.

Example: The Patriots are SO going to win the Superbowl. We are screwed. Blah, Blah and so on.

Reverse psychology totally worked.

Sorry for all of the psych references, it's fresh on my mind right now. Boyfriend came home all wobbly after three margaritas (the most I've seen anyone drink is three, and they puked the whole next day) and turned on a local cable television show about Pavlov and classical conditioning. I'm getting back to my roots.

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