Saturday, March 29, 2008

200th Post

It's turning out to be a lovely little Saturday.

I woke up and made coffee and bengiets. Total heaven.

After that, I called Comcast b/c I hate them and my DVR was all messed up. While waiting, I heard yet another moronic statement.

"As heating and gas bills are rising, make the switch to Comcast digital voice"

Umm.. okay. That's totally related to heating and gas prices.

Anyways, after that, boyfriend finally agreed to cut his hair. However, he asked me to cut his hair. Umm.. Okay. I don't know how to cut hair, but lets just say that I tried and it was quite the experience. Boyfriend is practically bald now after my pathetic endeavor.

This afternoon, we're heading to the field to practice for kickball with our team. It's a gorgeous day, and I'm excited to get outside and kick the ball around.