Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bullet Points

1. I went from one job to another. My feet hurt.

2. The loft is actually kinda fun. I enjoyed playing with the register. =]

3. SCORE! Someone returned a pair of black dress pants today- size 6 (it was fate). They were price adjusted to $3.88 from $69.00 (few months old). I snapped those up and took them home for $2.00

4. Will write more tomorrow. I'm off to watch trashy reality TV and eat grilled cheese.

5. Spring Break starts tomorrow. Hell yeah to three days off!


A.D. said...

Just a warning...I may start to hate you for all of your great snags from the Loft. Well...I probably won't hate you, but I will be really envious. Glad you are liking the job!

Ashley said...

I feel your pain! But, I do love the deals. =]

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