Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Eggs

My family is not too serious about much. But, we are serious about decorating Easter Eggs. Every year we sit down at the dining room table on the night before Easter and get to work.

It's a stiff competition. No one gives hints, people hide their materials, and the neighbor judges to determine the winner.

This year we're having an even bigger celebration. My dad turns fifty on Easter, so my brother, sister and I have planned a Jimmy Buffet/Tropical themed party for him. Really it's just us kids, significant others, and my mom-- but we're decorating and making festive luau food on Saturday night. The egg decorating night.

These little beauties (the bat and the pirate) are the eggs that I designed and put together for Easter 2007. I really need to come up with something for this weekend. Unfortunately, my brain doesn't seem to want to cooperate. Anyone have any luau/Jimmy Buffet/tropically themed ideas?

And you BETTER not tell them that I'm cheating (via the internet--begging for help).

1 comment:

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