Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day

I hope you had a fabulous St. Patty's Day.

I spent mine with 400 or so snotty nosed kids.

I did wear my new green flats though. Although, I've already worn them about 5 times, so it's not like I need an excuse to throw on a pair of colorful shoes.

I came home and made Sheperd's pie for boyfriend. I'm not Irish, but he is. I decided to be nice and feed him like mom would.

I have to work tomorrow from 8-4 at the real job and then 4:30-8:30 at the not so real job. Sunday wasn't bad at all, but I have a bad feeling about tomorrow.

Until then, I'm off to enjoy a glass of wine with boyfriend. So not Irish, but that's all we've got.

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