Monday, March 17, 2008

How did you find me?

Okay, forget not calling people out, i'm trying to enjoy my wine, but i'm laughing my ass off.. How people find my blog is friggin' random.

Here is the search data from the last week-- according to stat counter.

2 via Crazy Cat Lady
2 via How I met my boyfriend (okay, fine)
1 via Lady MILFS (huh)
1 via Big Lady Hole (double huh?)
1 via nablopomo list
1 via Lady Milf
1 via Black Pumps Gallery
1 via Crazy Tests (haha, yup, that's my job)
1 via fix muffin top
1 via The Lady MILF
1 via Lady Puts Cat in Dryer (SWEET. NOPE).
1 via Crazy Cat Lady Psychology
1 via Cats Snap
1 via MILF with Knife (SCARY)
1 via my layd desing (huh)
1 via pork chops pro and cons
1 via you might be a crazy cat lady test

Okay, maybe it's the wine. But i'm amused.

PLUS there's my list for the day. BOOYA.

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