Sunday, March 2, 2008

Keep on rollin'

I know I say this every week, but seriously? Sunday already?!?!

It has been a productive little weekend though. Like I mentioned in my previous (a.k.a horrendous) weekend post, I traveled to NoVa to visit the family yesterday.

Poor boyfriend, he didn't realize just how out of control my family can be. Boyfriend was put to work upon arrival--hanging cabinets with my father.

My parents are all about upgrading. Every time that I have ever walked into their house, something is different. A couch is reupholstered. A kitchen is completely gutted and redone, the upstairs bathroom (that seemed perfect to me) just underwent a $20,000 renovation. I swear, you would think you were in Greece when you walk into their bathroom. They have a mini spa pool (and I mean pool) and a shower that could fit a small army (with shower heads that hit you in every direction).

Amazingly, my parents do 99% of the work themselves. They are Mr. and Mrs. Fix-It. However, since they are getting older, they need to employ the help of the boyfriends. Yesterday, my mom actually told boyfriend, "Thank god, we didn't know if any of our kids were going to find a man, manly enough to help out." Gee, thanks mom (...and sorry ex boyfriends--maybe).

I'll forgive them though-- because thanks to my parents, I can cook, clean, sew, garden, and hang drywall. All-by-my-self. Okay, well, the drywall is a little tough by myself, but I know what to do if the need arises.

This is a side story, but in all honesty, but I've been hanging drywall since I was 8. My parents overhauled every house we've ever lived in. Instead of regular chores, my dad would make me hold drywall up with my brother and sister while he worked the screw gun. When I visited last month, I was once again holding up drywall to convert an unused part of the garage into a larger closet for the family room.

In exchange for the help, dad bought me turbo tax and mom bought me a pair of cute green suede flats from the Gap. Score. I wish I didn't rent. I would definitely call my parents over for a closet overhaul. I am busting at the seams here. Boyfriend won too, he was rewarded with a homemade sirlion steak and baked potato dinner.

I was even more excited when I found out that my tax refund was going to be four digits long. Even better. After I finished with turbo tax, I turned around and said-- well, maybe I don't need that extra job at Ann Taylor Loft. Mom and boyfriend quickly vetoed that decision.

It's true too- although I'm getting back four digits, I just bought a few of the ensembles that I posted below online (BTW Brook the dress is ADORABLE) and I'm hoping they'll price adjust them to 50% off I get the job. Anyone in retail and know if they will do that?

Last night, after a long day with the family, we played rock band with a few of my friends. I am obsessed with rock band--and sing star, and DDR, oh, and American idol. We weren't allowed to play video games when we were younger (we didn't have time, we were too busy grouting the tile in the bathroom), so now I'm taking full advantage. Video games are steadily improving by the day. Now I just need to convince boyfriend to leave his PS3 over at my place. He basically lives here anyways (I've already convinced him to let me borrow his xbox- score one for the Ashley team).

Today I'm trying to be relatively productive with boring things, like laundry, vacuuming and errands. I've already made it to the mall (to make returns), the grocery store (lean cuisine is 5 for 10 bucks) and to CVS. Plus, I've got chicken and dumplings simmering in the crock pot.

Now, if only I didn't have to work tomorrow.

*does NaBloPoMo have to be all about lists? if so, I blew this one.

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