Monday, March 10, 2008

Sewing Machine-1, Ashley-0

So, today- I blame my delusional head cold sick mind- I decided that it was time to start sewing again. My parents bought me a sewing machine two Christmases ago, and I was eager to try it. So eager, that I let it sit for two years (I legitimately wanted the sewing machine- I just never had the time to try it).

What better time to start sewing, than when you are home sick with a cold? Ha, I can name a few.

I had visions of grandeur dancing through my head as I perused JoAnn Fabrics. In seventh grade I was a sewing super star in home-ec. Yeah, it's been about fifteen years, but whatever. I made my cousin Moriah an "M" shaped pillow with moo-cow fabric and black piping detailing. It was amazing. She has slept with it every night since- and she's 16 now. Every time she comes to visit I admire my work- considering the fact that it's lasted so long.

Well today, I decided to start easy. A cat bed for the kitties, and perhaps a fleece Steelers throw (Steelers fleece was 50% off).

Apparently, sewing is a skill that deteriorates after oh, 15 some odd years. I've spent the last two hours snorting loudly (in an attempt to breath) and cursing the sewing machine (damn bobbin). I'll spare you the details, but basically, I'm bobbin challenged. I can transfer my thread to the bobbin, but everything after that makes me want to throw the thing out the window.

Ugh, my head hurts.


A.D. said...

You have far more courage than I. My MIL gave me her old sewing machine, and I just stuck it in back of the closet. Every once in a while, I take it out, eye it suspiciously, and then just put it back up!
Good luck with the sewing and hope you feel better soon. Being sick is the worst!!!!

Ashley said...

Thats a.d. Being sick sucks.

haha yeah, back in the closet mine goes. I'm just pissed I spent 30 bucks at JoAnn's when I was disillusioned by my skills (HA).

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