Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break

Spring break just isn't quite as cool when you're an adult.

Although I'm glad to have two days off of work, it doesn't leave enough time to travel anywhere warm and exotic. Plus, I've never missed a holiday with my family, so I'm not too keen on taking off and heading somewhere else for a weekend.

Gone are the days of seven day benders in Acapulco. Man, I was so skinny back then. Maybe someday I'll post a picture.

Today was dreary and rainy. I was a waste of space at work, came home and took a nap with my Sagey and then lounged around on the couch, catching up with my other bestfriend; the DVR. It's not like I've been doing a ton more lately, but this week left me beat...and it's only Wednesday.

My list for the day will include the ten places that I really want to visit.

1. Greek Islands
2. Italy
3. Heck, the Mediterranean in general
4. Turks and Caicos
5. Fiji
6. Western Caribbean Islands
7. Hawaii
8. Scotland
9. Belize
10. Mexico, Pacific side

Not incredibly exotic, but I don't have even a slight desire to hit up Asia or India. I'm all about the beach and chillin out.

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