Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday that felt like a Monday

Today, DRAGGED. Well, at least the morning did. The afternoon and night will pass by in a flash. Just like any time other time I'm not at work (I'd prefer the opposite).

I dragged my butt into work. I'm feeling slightly better *knock on wood* and I didn't really want to miss two days in a row. I'd rather save my sick days for April or May-- when the weeks stretch out so long without a single day off.

Work wasn't bad, it was just ridiculously long. Plus, I felt faint for a little bit there. That hasn't happened to me in a long time. Maybe it's anxiety, maybe it's my cold, maybe it's the fact that I was up every single hour last night--but regardless, it's not a fun feeling.

I faint more than your average person, so I know what it feels like. Luckily, I haven't fainted since last January, but since I know what it feels like, I'm hyper sensitive to anything remotely similar to a faint feeling. Mine usually starts with a weird brain/ear sensation.

I didn't faint- but of course it made me nervous for the rest of the day. Until the meetings started. It's too hard to be a hypochondriac when you're trying to rattle off psychological assessment results.


Later, after work, I finally had my tooth fixed. It was not an amusing experience-- and I sat the chair for no less than 40 minutes.

Of course the filling that fell out is the last top tooth on the right side. Not particularly easy to reach.

Plus, I got the giggles in the chair which didn't help matters. The hygienist next door kept talking and talking and talking. Finally, I just started cracking up and was like, "she doesn't stop, does she?"

I suppose a dental hygienist is a good job for a motor mouth- but I find it slightly annoying. It's not like I can answer you back while not one, but two peoples' hands are in my mouth rooting around with picks, mirrors, cotton balls and drills. I mean come on. I'd much rather be participating in the conversation, do you have to make the situation worse for me?


At least (my list for the day)...

1. Tomorrow is Wednesday
2. Tomorrow is pay day!

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A.D. said...

I love my dental hygienist, but she always asks me questions when she has her hand or one of her instruments in my mouth. Seriously, how do the expect you to answer???