Monday, March 31, 2008

Ugh, it's Monday

Seriously, what a Monday!

I'm tired, so this one is going to be list-a-fied. It's the last day of NaBloPoMo, so I think a list will suffice quite nicely.

1. Within moments of stepping into work, I was bitched out by Thing #1 and Douche #2. Apparently, I missed a meeting this morning.

I got all the, "nice of you to show ups," and my personal favorite, "We had a meeting with M's mom today, at 8:15, when you were supposed to be here (said with major smirk on face), didn't you get my email?"

a. We never have meetings on Mondays, so sorry that I didn't anticipate this one.
b. I can't help it that people in Maryland drive like asshats when it rains. I was ten minutes late. Get over it. Or, buy me a new car with wings so that I can fly over the parked cars on the highway.
c. I don't love my job enough to sit around until 7pm on a Friday evening eagerly anticipating an email from you informing me about a meeting on Monday morning.
d. My job description does not include checking my work email on the weekends. Sometimes, you'll get lucky and I will--however, I can't promise you that. Pay me more and then maybe we'll talk.

2. Since I was SO late, the rest of the workday just flew by.

3. Because I was pissed, I left work half an hour early to stop at my main office headquarters. I had shit to do, and had to pick up protocols.

4. After working from 8-4 at the real job, I worked at the Loft from 4:30-9:00.

5. Beat is an understatement. I'm beat to the max.

6. I have to see Thing #1 and Douche #2 tomorrow. I really want to call out sick, but then they'll have more ammo. Decisions, Decisions.