Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Zip, Zilch, Nada, Nothing

I wish I could tell you some hysterical stories today, but I've got nothing. I'm exhausted. The loft continues to be a relatively fun job and the discount is quite fabulous. I was able to pick up a patent leather clutch for only $2.50 (be jealous). There hasn't been any crazy customers, yet- and our recent shipment is quite hideous, so I may even manage to save a few bucks.

Now, boyfriend says I've complained too much in the last two days, but screw it.. here's a few more.

1. Parents. If the school team calls you in to discuss your son's drawings (including guns, swords, giant eggs, and giant eggs stabbing people--with blood), please do not laugh when they show them to you.

Yes, I know- we're all a little too psychology happy lately.

No, I don't really think your kid is going to dress up like a giant egg and stab us.

However, society has forced us to at least bring the pictures to your attention.

Did we suspend him? No. Did we ground him? No. Did he miss his recess? No.

We just kindly asked mom to discuss the fact that you cannot draw an egg (or anything for that matter) killing something else at school.

Mom's response. Laughter. Followed by, well if you give him free reign over drawing, this is what he's going to draw.

Great- well if/when your son attacks you in your sleep, do not blame me.

Obviously, I do not have children... and if I did, I might think it's a little funny that my kid drew 17 eggs stabbing and killing people (okay maybe not funny, but I probably wouldn't take him to the nearest psych ward or anything). I'd probably invite my friends over for some wine and chat about the pictures. This is fine, (I've got another however), however, I would not laugh in front of the school staff. I mean seriously, these are the few people that you need to impress--in my humble opinion--and I'm not trying to be biased.

These people can make a snap judgement about what kind of parent you are and honestly, your reputation will follow you for at least as long as your child is enrolled in that school. Have one in fifth and one in third? Oh, your poor third grader. Do you really want to be known as the parent who laughed their ass off at us at our next happy hour?

*I really did start his post with zip, zilch, nada, nothing. You wouldn't know it though.*


Jennifer said...

Oh don't you just love parents like that! You and I have degrees in the same field...well except you obviously took the psychology route for your Master's and I have my Bachelors in Psychology/Sociology and Mastered in Social Work..but NEVER fails that when you have a child who does some crazy crap like that...their parents are just as crazy!

Ashley said...

No WAY! I double majored in college and have a bach in psych and sociology too. =]

Jennifer said... double majored people are the best...and we do KNOW it all, lol! However..for the past 5 years my knowledge has only been used for raising children...but one day I will continue to "fix" the world;)