Sunday, April 6, 2008


Boyfriend's goddaughter is so cute. She's four months old and absolutely beautiful.

I feel like I'm already part of his family- considering the fact that I try to hog the baby whenever we get together, and most of the time they let me.

I make boyfriend spoil her. We've seriously bought the little sweetie at least 10 outfits and she is now the proud owner of a redskins cheerleader uniform (I wanted Steelers--boyfriend won).

Last night gave me baby fever (don't worry boyfriend-- I don't have any ideas--it's 100% not the right time). I've always loved babies and I've always wanted at least five kids.

Now that I'm 26, the likelihood of 5 kids is gone. Before y'all go off about 26 being super young-- I agree. I just don't want to be popping out kids for ten years straight (I need at least a year break in between each one). Plus, Ideally, I'd like to be done with babies by 35. Maximum.

My parents had us young and they constantly tell us-- "Get the kids over with early. Spend your fifties playing beer pong with your adult kids."

Ideal number has officially changed to three.

or maybe four.


Jennifer said...

Wait till you have them...that number will quickly change to one or me!! LOL! I adore my kids but life TOTALLY changes! You are up all night with a screaming baby...not out all night having fun:( It is worth it though!!!

Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

It's funny, my parents always told me to wait for kids like they did. They were 30 when I was born and I am the oldest. I think if you go with your gut instinct, it will work out whether you are young or old. As for my husband and I, we are planning to wait another five years. I want three kids, so I will probably have a child after 35.

Ashley said...

oh I'm sure i'll be having kids when i'm 35--and i'm sure after two i'm be like sew me up--i'm done.