Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Bachelor

I'm probably the only person left in America that still watches the bachelor, but come on.. I like nothing more than watching a group of hood rats, I mean, girls fight for a man.

This week was no exception. To be honest, I think he picked the right four girls and I'm rooting for Noelle to take it all (and the man).

Robin, who was kicked off this week was whack. If looks could kill, the bachelor would have been dead on the spot.


The Loft is killing me. I want everything in there. At this point, I'm basically working for free. Great. Boyfriend is going to love it when I take not only one, but both closets in our new place.


Speaking of boyfriend- I love him a lot... but I'm excited for girls night tomorrow. Koyaanisgatsi, Darth Mama, Mari (who is too cool for a blog) and I are heading out for dinner and drinks. Excited is an understatement. As you know, I love food and drinks and I love female conversation. Boyfriend isn't great at the female conversation.

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