Thursday, April 3, 2008

Clean Teeth

I was reading the Cat's Pajamas post earlier today (see blogroll), and although I'm not trying to brag, I think that I was blessed with very angelic kittens.

I know, lots of people hate cats, and a lot of people can rattle off at least one or two cat horror stories. In fact, I have one of my own. About 15 years ago, while baking my father a birthday cake, my parents' cat jumped up on my leg and clawed my entire calf. I shook my leg vigorously, but that little shit just hung on for a good 15 seconds with all four paws entirely through my skin. Talk about puncture wounds.

Anyways, the Cat's Pajamas wrote a post about kitty dental work and her new and not-improved redneck kitty (who I'm sure is STILL cute as hell). I thought to myself, oh snap, I can't afford kitty dental work... I'm going to try to brush their teeth myself (for the first time in their 11 months--yeah, I'm a good mom). I was prepared for the worst, but I managed to get both cats done in under a minute. I scooped them up into my arms, boyfriend held their mouths open and I brushed away. It actually appeared to be a pleasurable experience for Snap and Sage (who doesn't love tuna and chicken flavored toothpaste).

I'm seriously blessed with these two (you never know if you're going to get a winner or a hood rat when you hit the animal shelters). They allow me to bathe them with minimal struggle, and they are more than happy to let me trim their nails every single week. It's amazing how many people I know that don't cut their cats nails.. I do it 1-2 times per week.

They aren't all rainbows and sunshine. Sage scratched me once, about two weeks after I got her (while carrying her around) and Snap occasionally enjoys biting my hair when I'm asleep. However, for the last 10 months and two weeks there hasn't be a hiss, scratch or bite in sight.


I'm over the MSA frustration already. Tomorrow is staff meeting day and a half day for the kiddos, so I can sleep in a little, and put in about half an hour of actual work. Score.

Boyfriend is at trivia with his best friend, so I made myself a gourmet meal and watched all of the cheesy shows on my DVR --that he hates.


One question for my loyal readers. How do you guys shop?

You wouldn't believe the amount of people who come into the Loft and drop 800-1000 dollars at a time and that's it. They are done shopping for the season.

Yes, I have probably dropped 800 dollars in a season, but never at one time or in one store. That just seems so limiting. I like a little variation to my wardrobe. The loft head to toe isn't going to get me at least one compliment a day-- but mixing it up will. =]


Lauren @ Adventures of a Southern Newlywed said...

I wish I could do that!

Ashley said...

haha the part about the cat or the clothing?

A.D. said...

Just you wait...Lexie was perfectly sweet until she reached the age of 8 years old. Then she turned into a cantankerous (spelling??) old lady. Think Sophia from the Golden Girls with sharp claws and teeth! I had to give her medicine when she was problem. Now, it's an ordeal I dread more than anything. This morning I just got the liquid down her...I'm still not sure where the pill ended up!
So....enjoy it while you can!

A.D. said...

Oh yeah...onto the shopping thing. I like to spread my shopping out. That way, I can buy things gradually and it doesn't seem like I'm spending so much. Also, I like to buy things from several different places just to mix it up!

Ashley said...

oh great.. so that's what I have to look forward too.

I will certainly cherish how they are now... while I can. =]