Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hot Damn

We won our kickball game.


It's hysterical to think that at our first game, 5 weeks ago, we were actually talking about how we would have to throw one of our games so that they wouldn't move us from the super extreme social to the social league next season. At this rate, we are lucky to have won two out of five.

Whatever, it's fun.


Ladies night was a huge success, as always. My steak was perfect and those four glasses of wine really hit the spot.

Tonight after kickball we had another BBQ to go to (this time with the team).

I swear, if I look at another hot dog in the next week I'm going to turn into one. Oh, and if I have to drink another beer (or any alcohol for that matter), I may throw up. I'm not really a big drinker (I enjoy, just not in mass quantities daily) and I've been at some sort of BBQ or party every day/night since last Thursday.

I was so agitated at work today, the shakes and full on bitchy attitude could have been alcohol withdrawal (arguably).


In other news.. I'm contemplating quitting the loft. I do enjoy it, but it's a real bummer to have to work Friday nights. Plus, the fact that I won't know when I'm working the next week until four days before kinda puts a damper on the fun.

Granted I still have time to have fun (read above if you missed it)..but I could really use some time to just sit on my butt doing nothing. The laundry has been neglected and I'm way more tired and agitated than I usually am (not b/c it's hard, but b/c there is much less downtime).

Plus, there is also the small fact that I've spent significantly more than I've made in the last two months. My wardrobe is kickass, but I'm pretty much paying the loft for my employment.

The straw that really broke my back was the fact that I was yelled at (full on yelled at) on Sunday for not "board folding" the cardigans correctly. I know I'm a snob, but I am way too well educated to be yelled at for not folding a freakin' sweater correctly.

When the manager saw it she yelled, "Ashley, you're going straight to the Principal's office. These are NOT board folded!" When my shift was over at three (and I had a going away party that I was already late to, to attend-damn work interfering again), she made me stay late and refold the sweaters correctly. Of course I was fuming and said "I have somewhere to be."

Luckily, she was able to get another employee to finish, but she told the other employee to yell at me first and to tell me to do it right next time.

It was tragic. Simply tragic.

Too bad I'm too wimpy to actually quit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. what can I say? I've never quit a job. Ever (usually my time was up or the summer ended and it was back to college etc). I need help.. Please. Save me from the board folding bitches.


A.D. said...

If you are truly not happy there or it is just too much, then just tell them that (over the phone if you don't want to do it in person)! I'm sure they have a pretty high turnover rate just because of the nature of their business. It is not a job most people want to do for the rest of their lives unless they are trying to move into management so I'm sure they are used to people just working for short periods of time. You could even offer to come back as seasonal help during Xmas to soften to blow (if you want to do that, of course!) Maybe you should wait to decide until school is over because you'll be a lot less stressed and able to judge how much time it is going to take. Good luck!

A.D. said...

Oh, and congrats on the big win. Red Rockets Rule!

Ashley said...

Hey.. thanks for the advice AD. I actually work a 12 month contract so my schedule at my full time job will be the same (albeit no kids so less stress) but I'm still expected to put in 40 hrs a week all year round). I feel like i'd rather spend my downtime by the pool rather than folding sweaters.

we shall see...

A.D. said...

WHAT??? I thought the trade-off for working with kids all day was that you get the summer off. You are definitely getting screwed on that one. Yeah, I would probably quit the Loft too if it meant giving up pool time. I love summer so much I could never work 2jobs during that time.
Glad you are doing the swap...I think it sounds like fun!

Ashley said...

I know right.. Part of the reason that I signed up for the job was to have the summer off -- and it was like that in Boston (where I went to school).

In MD, Teachers are off all summer, but school psychs are year round workers. Granted I do A LOT less in the summer, it's still work and i'm still there every day. Seriously, it makes no sense, but I make a lot more than those psychs in Massachusetts do.