Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Short Streak

Shoot. Our winning streak has ended. We lost our kickball game tonight- To a group of 9 old people (to us, old means over 33--not that, that is old in real life.. but it's up there for intramural kickball). I swear they all work for Gold's Gym or something because the girls were trolls and the guys were beasts.

It's supposed to be the super extreme social league (i.e. we met at the bar two hours before the game for 2 for 1 miller lites). Have I mentioned that we have 19 players? 19 young bucks lost to 9 people who needed to sub base runners b/c their hip replacements were acting up.

Okay, maybe that's a little bit dramatic, but I swear one twisted a knee cap and another sprained an ankle.

I'm sort of over it. It was wet, the ball slipped out of our hands, and really, we just aren't that good. Boyfriend, on the other hand, is super competitive (I didn't quite realize this until last week). I need to go make him popcorn and cuddle before he falls into a deep kickball losing depression

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