Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Take a Walk

Yes, I have another cat story for you.

One Saturday, a few weeks ago, I decided to let Snap and Sage come out on my Balcony with me and boyfriend (Big Mistake).

They loved it. They lounged, they explored, and they didn't try to jump through the railing bars for at least a half hour. After that, I made them go inside (I'm not risking a kitten jump).

Ever since that day, Sage has been trying to get outside on the back patio. She normally never makes a sound, but will meow, loudly whenever I'm out there. She has attempted to climb up the screen door several times, has made a hobby out of trying to stuff her entire body in between the screen door and the glass door, she is beginning to learn that her thumbs work at cracking the screen door open, and has even attempted a running, sprinting start-- straight into the screen door (seriously, the girl got air).

Boyfriend came up with a great idea. He told me to get Snap and Sage a kitty harness and a leash so that they can join me on the patio-- while avoiding any jumping off the second story type events.

April showers a.k.a., I haven't seen the sun since last Saturday, prohibited the use of the new leashes. But today, the sun finally came out and I let the kitties join me for some afternoon sun.

Sage loved it- and I was able to avoid any escape attempts. Sidenote: Seriously, isn't she gorgeous?

Snap, on the other hand, wiggled himself out of the harness in less than 5 minutes. Apparently, harnesses don't work as well on anorexic kitties. As a result, Snap was banished inside-- where he watched Sage and I enjoy an afternoon in the sun.

Yes, I'm a mean mom.


A.D. said...

Sometimes I take the cats out into the back yard because I know how much they love it(one at a time...they are too hard to keep an eye on), but when I bring them back, they just sit at the door and meow all day. Then, they try to run outside every time we open the door. It makes me regret ever letting them out!
Definitely, don't let Snap out without a harness. I know a bad horror story about one of my friends who let her cat on her balcony without one. Maybe he'll learn to get used to it if he realizes it means he gets to go outside. Sage is very gorgeous (as well as Snap), and I love her cute harness!

Ashley said...

Yes, I totally regret letting them out.. and Snap's ass isn't going out without a harness. I'm going to try it again a little tighter though.

Seriously.. they are SO CUTE! Although, i'm very biased.