Saturday, May 31, 2008

Imagine that

Boyfriend and I stayed up and watched a little bit of Talledega nights (I love 8 pound Jesus) and decided that we were sleeping in today.

At 7am I woke up in a pool of sweat and went into the living room to turn the AC on.

At 9am we woke up to the fire alarm and an entire apartment FULL OF SMOKE.

We searched everywhere and couldn't find any flames. Boyfriend noticed that the smoke was coming out of the AC vents throughout the house. I went to turn to AC off. Nope, sorry, you're entire control unit is melted. Shit. I quickly called the Apartment office, and she tells us to switch the breaker....

(meanwhile, I can barely breathe and Snap is having a mini-heart attack under the couch).

To make a long story short, the maintenance man finally showed up (half an hour later). I was freakin' the entire time- but the apartment manager told me not to leave the apartment in case it went up in flames. Smart thinking apartment manager.

It turns out that my AC unit melted internally. He tried to fix it today, but when he turned it on again it went all whack.

Now, I'm forced to sit in my apartment in 80 degree weather with 99% humidity until they can fix it on Monday (maybe). Additionally, my entire apartment and all of my clothes reek of smoke, I could barely breathe for a good hour there, and my cats are officially terrified.

As a result, I went to watch the Sex and the City movie with Noelle and Conigs and proceeded to drink quite a few glasses of wine on their porch tonight (sorry if this does not make sense).

Freakin' Fires ruining my Saturday.

Throw me a bone!

You don't even want to know what the F happened to me today. It involved being woken up by a fire alarm and smoke inhalation.

I'm still getting over it, so I'll leave you with some pictures until I muster up the energy to type it all out.

Me and boyfriend.
Me, Allie, Tyler, Mari, Boyfriend, Anthony and Kristen

Hilary, Heather, Mari, Noelle and Moi

I need a hair cut. I think I'm going short again (like Noelle's hair).

This is what happens when you throw together 3 school psychologists and a speech pathologist.

Noelle, Mari, Me and Allie

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Drunk Post

I went out tonight. In fact, I threw together a little birthday party for my friend Mari at one of our local bars (even though she thinks I'm fat). =]

It was quite the success, except for the fact that the evite said that the party starts at 5:30pm. The first guest rolled in at 6:30 (the birthday girl) and the subsequent guests weren't there until 7:30 or later. As a result, by the time anyone showed up, Noelle (she came with us), boyfriend and I were three sheets to the wind drunk.

We ended up leaving the party by 9:30. Lame I know, but we engaged in some serious boozing (in addition to the fact that our tolerances are deteriorating rapidly- at least for me and Noelle).

Pathetically, only about a year ago, Noelle and I could throw down. We would go out on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights AND stay out to close (gasp!). Now, we have three beers and we're ready for bed (it could be 7 pm, we don't discriminate). Apparently, I really am getting old. Has anyone else experienced severe alcohol intolerance as they have aged?

In other news.. thanks for the you're not a fatty support. I appreciate it greatly! I think part of it has to do with the clothing that I've been wearing lately (thank you Cat's Pajamas). I can't help it if baby doll shirts and dresses are all the rage.

I'm trying to look on the bright side of the current fashion trends, and I've come up with this-- At least when I really am pregnant, I'll be able to sport my (current) clothes well into the ninth month. So, HA.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh lord

Today started off like a Monday (it's Wednesday).

I made a fabulous dinner last night; Chicken, Pesto Arrabiata sauce, provolone cheese, and spaghetti. I carefully packed up the leftovers in tupperware after dinner last night and put it in the fridge for lunch. I remembered to take it out of the fridge and put it in my lunch bag this morning.. but I forgot to bring my lunch bag to work.

Bummer. I work 1/2 an hour away, so picking it up was not an option. So, until 6:30 tonight (when I got home) my lovely dinner rotted away on the kitchen counter.


In other news....


In recent months, I have been called "pregnant" by two complete strangers. Last night, a friend told me that I was rapidly expanding (in not so many words). I think it's time that I step up and do something about it (I know, I know, but seriously, I mean it this time).

I can only imagine the shit that girls that wear over a size six get. I thought that a size six was a coveted size. Apparently not, considering the fact that I (allegedly) look like I have a permanent ticket to the gravy train.

I could, potentially be totally blind. Most of you will probably think that I'm a complete hag for saying this aloud, but I have never, never, never, looked in the mirror and though eww, I'm gross (no, I don't think I'm super hot or anything- but I do not have a poor self-image). I have looked in the mirror and thought, I've had better days, but I've never once thought that I looked fat. Seriously, fat.

Some teeny, tiny girls look in the mirror and think, "DSmn I'm huge." I look in the mirror and think, "wow, my body is banging." I think that I have an overly inflated body image.

Anyways, truthfully, I could stand to lose a few pounds. The smallest that I've ever been was a size two (in college and in high school). At that time, I weighed about 18 pounds less than I do now. My goal is to lose about 10 pounds. That will get me back into some of my old clothes, but won't require an entire wardrobe makeover.

Oh, and I think I might try weight watchers to accomplish this. I probably won't go to the meetings, but I think that I'm going to try the online version. I need to face the music- I have oodles of work out DVDs, but all the candy and soda in the world couldn't motivate me to do them everyday. Instead, WW here I come (and I'm going to try to incorporate some type of aerobic exercise in).

Does anyone have any WW advice? Help would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Bras?

Need one?

You know that I use before every online shopping excursion (and of course, I always buy through ebates).

Anyways, if you're in the market for new bras use these codes for Victorias Secret. I just bought two 35 dollar bras for 35 dollars total.

FA77789- 10.00 off any bra
SP77933- 10.00 off any bra
SP810117- 10.00 off any order

Oh, and you need to use a VS card. It's worth it for all of the online deals.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Well, I had a lovely little weekend, and I hope that you did too.

On Friday, I ditched work and left for New Jersey with the boyfriend. I called out sick because we were scared of the inevitable traffic through Delaware and on the New Jersey Turnpike. Apparently, boyfriend forgot to take the "avoid toll roads" function off of his GPS system, and it ended up taking us on a lovely, leisurely drive through Pennsylvania. It was totally worth it because we didn't hit any traffic at all and it only took us about 12 minutes longer than it would have if we went up 95.

On Friday night, boyfriend and I managed to drop $100 bucks at the hotel bar in about 4 hours. Tipsy is an understatement, but it was worth it. We only had to walk about 100 feet to our bed. Plus, I was able to spend a little more time (aka party) with my friend Amanda (the bride, aka Pulling a Miranda) and her future husband.

On Saturday, boyfriend and I spent the day by the pool and then headed to the wedding. The wedding hotel was about a half hour from the reception, but the bride's parents provided transportation, by way of 2 large buses. The wedding was amazing and I had a great time. My friend looked more beautiful than ever and there was more food than I've ever seen in one place in my life.

It's amazing how much planning goes into a one day affair, but I'm so glad that I was able to share the day with her.

Oh and for those wondering, I did wear the green dress and I received several compliments. I managed to stain it during the cocktail hour (blame pesto risotto and spicy crab rolls), but I think that 90% of the people there were too drunk to notice (open bar and hookahs). I have pictures from the wedding, but they are on boyfriend's camera, and he's currently melting (i.e., too hot to move).

On Sunday, we enjoyed brunch with the bride and groom and then headed back to Maryland. We decided to try another scenic route, and ended up on back roads through most of jersey. Once we hit Delaware, we ended up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, which was quite a treat. Mostly because we happened to pass the J.Crew outlet on our way back.

We stopped (obvi) and I picked up quite a few purchases. Most of them can be seen here.

The JCrew outlet was having an incredible sale and virtually everything in the store was 50% off. I picked up the most adorable anchor skirt, a polka dot skirt, a pair of navy capris, white capris, pink capris, yellow seersucker shorts and a blue polo for $200.00.

Boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for dropping 200.00 at one time, but I tried to convince him that the skirts were originally 69, the pants were 69, and the shorts were 59. He doesn't get it, he's anti JCrew. I've tried to change his mind, but he always manages to point out at least a handful of men in the store that look like full on weirdos (i.e., critter shorts, pink polos, madras flip flops- cute trends, but they put them all together) and I have to agree with him.

I'm in love with the anchor skirt and boyfriend agrees that it's the best item that I picked up that day. Considering the fact that I live on the Chesapeake, it's a perfect outfit.

After our pit stop at the outlet mall, we crossed over the Bay Bridge (for those of you who don't know, the bay bridge connects the Chesapeake bay (where we live) to the Eastern Shore of MD, i.e., the Atlantic Ocean. I decided to act like a tourist and snapped a few shots (pathetically, I'm amazed by where I live on a daily basis)

Last night we were absolutely exhausted, but decided to hit up my neighbor (and friend) Noelle's for some beer pong and kabobs outside on the patio. Boyfriend rallied and went out on the town with Noelle's boyfriend, but I went home for some kitty cuddle time and some sleep (Sage slept in my arms all night. Love it).

Today, I did what I would have done all weekend (if I hadn't been at the wedding) and spent a good 4 hours down at the pool. Heaven. I have been waiting for my pool to open up for months and today was the perfect weekend for it. It was sunny, 80 degrees and 100% girl time.

I love our pool, and I am beyond excited that I can visit everyday from now until the end of September (and believe me- I only miss about 7 days the entire season). My friends and I should just have our names emblazoned on our lounge chairs.

I loved my four day weekend (did I mention that boyfriend drove both ways-what a saint)! What did you do to celebrate?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

While we're on the subject....

Snap, Me, Sage, Sister Erinn.

Look how far they've come.... (tear) =]

Boyfriend and I are off to Jersey for a wedding tomorrow and Saturday. I'll catch you on the flipside. Happy Memorial Day!

More Birthday

As you may have heard, Oh'Snap and Sage turned one year old today. I started off the morning by locking them in my bedroom.

*My apartment complex staff had to enter my apartment again today. My apartment complex charges 50 dollars per animal, per month rent. Obviously, Snap and Sage reside here illegally. If I had a giant dog, I would feel bad about it, but I don't think that two small kittens = $100.

Anyways, it was MUCH easier to hide them in the fall. However, more recently, they have an excuse to enter my apartment on a biweekly basis for random fire extinguisher checks, washing machine checks etc. A-holes, cramping my kitties' birthday.

Anyways, like a good mom, I picked up some new birthday toys for them. They enjoyed this a lot:

This is a major eyesore, but whatever. We'll have a two bedroom in two months and it will be much easier to hide.

Happy Birthday Snap & Sage

Kitty Love

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Free Stuff

I'm not sure that i'm into a "Country Home," but i'm into free reading materials. Especially during the summer months (hello, pool). Click Here for a free subscription to Country Home Magazine


After work today I headed to Happy Hour with friends from the good school. Seriously, is there anything better than sitting outside drinking a cold beer on a Wednesday?

I think not. Especially after 6, one hour long meetings today.

The kittens turn one tomorrow. I would like to do something commemorative, but I can't think of anything creative.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

12 More

12 more days left with the kids until the end of August. It's beautiful.

Growing up, I was always so excited for summer vacation. Would you believe it if I told you that the teachers and other assorted school staff actually look forward to it more than the kids.

Unfortunately, I'm 12 months (boyfriend hates when I complain about this), but I became a school psychologist to have summers off. Then I moved to Maryland, where they believe psychologists are required year round. Whatev.

It's really not hard so I shouldn't complain. The hours are a little better, and I don't have to do much of anything. Plus, the pay makes up for most of it and about 3.5 weeks of vacation time helps even more. Okay, after reading over this, it doesn't seem to bad at all so I won't complain about it again (until at least June).

Since I'm into complaining lately, I have one more subject to touch on. The Blue Angels; beautiful and fascinating. But not when you're trying to take a nap after work and it sounds like a bomb is going off outside of your window. I came home today with a sore throat (which started last night) and full feeling ears. I'm crossing my fingers that it's not a cold. Unfortunately, I can't even blame it on allergies, since I don't have them.

Please wish me a germ-free sleep and that I wake up refreshed and feeling fine tomorrow. I have a big week and weekend coming up and being sick would really suck.

Monday, May 19, 2008

OH, man

I had a wonderful night, so I decided to try on dresses for the wedding that I'm going to this weekend.

Bad idea. My fat ass won't fit into many of my formal dresses. Scratch that, it's actually my fat ribs that are causing the problems. Who knew that you could gain weight in your ribs?!? I know now. The dresses all fit everywhere, expect for when you need to zip them up. Sweet.

You all know that I'm all about shopping, but I hate to buy another formal dress when I already have more than two handfuls sitting in my closet. All of which I've worn once or twice tops.

Anyways, I've narrowed it down (by process of rib elimination) to two dresses. One is my old standby (I usually save it for winter weddings, but it could work. It's a champagne colored dress with a black lace overlay. Sounds tacky, but it's adorable), and the other is this number...

The picture isn't fabulous- and makes it look like cotton. It's actually a silky, slightly shiny material. It flows quite nicely and it actually fits well, but is it appropriate to wear green to a wedding? I think it's probably dressy enough, but boyfriend isn't so sure (however, he also admitted that he thinks it's only appropriate to wear black to weddings- seeing as though he's worn a black suit to every wedding that he's ever been to).

It's a very deep emerald green, empire waist with a pleated bottom. I think I could swing it, but I may be being delusional. Input please!

Better Night

Okay, tonight was definitely better than today. Boyfriend and I decided to hit up Marshalls, check out our dream picture at Pottery Barn and get Chipotle for dinner.

While at Marshalls, boyfriend found the buy of the month.

(Us at his sister's graduation. That's the boyfriend).

Anyways, while we were walking through Marshalls, he caught sight of this, hidden all the way at the bottom of the shelf. He's the grill master, he's the Redskins fan, yet he's going to be sporting a Steelers set this summer.

My hero. Of course I bought it- and it was only $13.00. Much better than the $34.99 that it's going for online.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Ramblings

On Friday, I worked my LAST shift at the Loft. Hello freedom and pool time!

Yesterday I woke up super early (earlier than I do for work) to meet boyfriend and his family in Pennsylvania for his little sister's graduation. As I was rushing out the door (changed outfit 33 times) Sage sprawled her entire body across the door to prevent me from leaving. It was adorable, I wish I had my camera.

I'm from Western Pennsylvania, so of course I love the state- but damn, I thought that I went to college in the middle of no where (I went to UMass- home to corn fields, tobacco and tanning salons). I swear, his little sis was stuck in pennsyltucky for four whole years. I guess I shouldn't judge, it appears as though she enjoyed it.

Anyways, graduation was graduation and afterwards we headed back to her humble abode (aka apartment). It was then that I learned that I was becoming ancient. I cannot believe that I ever lived like that. Her place was clean for a college apartment, but it was a college apartment no less. I had trouble sitting still on the couch just thinking about all of the beers that were spilled there and the make out sessions that took place there. Yuck.

I never thought that I would say this, but I'm so glad that I'm done with college. Bye, Bye, empty liquor bottle decor, hello Pottery Barn. Being a grown-up is certainly looking up these days.

Throughout the day, I realized that boyfriend's family is very similar to my own. Think constant heckling and throwing each other under the bus. Luckily, I grew up under similar circumstances o I can hold my own. I laughed my ass off at lunch explaining the Dance-Off.. which you had to be there for.

This afternoon, my friend Brook texted me and asked if I wanted to do pedicures and sushi. Yes, please. It's turning out to be a sweet little Sunday.

Friday, May 16, 2008

End of the year season is here!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

School is out on June 6th, and although I work all summer, it's exciting to have a few kid-free months.

Now, I love kids more than most people. In fact, I dedicate at least 40 hours a week to children. I mean, I'm practically a saint.

With the end of school comes many fun (gag) events, such as;

1. Spring Concerts. Is there anything worse than listening to 10 nine year olds play the trumpet? Yes, there is. Watching 10 nine year olds play the violin. That is probably worse.

2. Field day. It's all fun and games until you realize that the kids will be screaming for the next five hours without any break.

3. Talent Shows. Two hours of talented dancers (ha), pogo stick jumpers, and my personal favorite, knock, knock jokers.

Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Your teacher
Your teacher who?
Your teacher knows were you live! ha! ha! ha! ha!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm Alive!

The Cat's Pajamas was about the send out a search party, so I figured that it was time for an update.

I am alive. Monday kicked my a$$ and Tuesday was pretty much the same. I need a vacation.

Tuesday night was our last kickball game, so we celebrated our many losses with buy one get one miller lite bottles.

Kickball Girls

Me and my friend Noelle

Me and Boyfriend (I'm not sure about that smile, boyfriend).

On Wednesday night, I worked my second to last shift at the Loft (yay!). Pathetically, my wallet is going to be much fatter without the job. I was planning on coming home and writing a post, but my internet was royally screwed up, so I went to bed instead.

Tonight, I'm having a date night with boyfriend. Although be basically lives here, we really only spend time together while we're asleep. We're doing dinner and who knows what else. I'm excited to actually talk to him again. Yay to tomorrow being Friday.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Skirts

This is the website for Boden USA.

I feel super cool ordering skirts in UK sizes. =]

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Stuff

Has anyone ever ordered from Boden?

When I was at my parents' this weekend they had the catalog lying around. My mom had earmarked a few pages, and I fell in love with quite a few things.

In the summer, I'm all about skirts and dresses, and I'm in need of a few new work appropriate skirts. I thought that these looked relatively unique.

I have never heard of this company, nor ordered from them, but I'm expecting good things. It's a little bit pricey, but the catalog that I ordered from had a free shipping and buy three things, get one another for 1 dollar coupon code.

Mom's Day Part Two

I had the pleasure of hanging out with my mother on Saturday. I drove down and spent the day lounging, chatting, shopping and eating (pretty much everything that we are good at).

It was fabulous to see her, and my brother and sister were there which was an added bonus.

I drove back home very late last night and slept in very late this morning. The weather is incredibly dark and gloomy and as a result, I took a nap this afternoon. It's pathetic (and hopefully not the brain tumor).

I'm going to meet boyfriend at Macy's right now. He needs some new clothes and I am more than happy to help him pick them out. He thinks that linen pants are in his future, I need to be there to put the smack down.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Almost Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Thanks for being one of my very best friends.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I just watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy (two weeks ago.. I have a lot of shows on my DVR).

If it's not early onset dementia, it's definitely a brain tumor.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sick Days

Today was the perfect day to be "sick."

The weather is gorgeous and I needed the relaxation after two straight months with the kids (not only spending my days with them, but folding clothes all night on many days after work).

Last night, I went to the Melting Pot with my girlfriends for Ladies Night. I came home looking more pregnant than ever and in a total food coma. A glass of Champagne and a glass of Chardonnay didn't help my pregnant appearance. I really should have fasted better before hitting up the Melting Pot. I should know from past experience.

Today I slept in until 9 and then went outside in my bathing suit top and a pair of shorts. I sunbathed for at least an hour, catching up on all of the hot gossip in the latest US Weekly.

After that, I took a little trip to the mall. While strolling through Pottery barn I saw this:

It is exactly what boyfriend and I were planning to do in our new place. I took a picture and texted it to boyfriend. He was a little bummed because he thought that he came up with the idea himself, but I didn't mind. The picture was amazing and something that we can both agree on.

Unfortunately, it's not for sale and it's only a store decoration. However, the nice lady at Pottery Barn did tell me that they often sell the floor decorations when they change them every few months. I obviously gave them my name and my phone number and I'm hoping that that little beauty will be gracing the walls of chateau Boyfriend and Ashley in the near future. I figure that it's worth at least a few hundred dollars considering it will save us from having to do something similar ourselves.

While there, I noticed that the plates that I've been eyeing for months were finally on sale. I picked up four. If there is one thing that boyfriend and I can agree on in regards to decorating, it is all things green. That totally works for me because my apartment is primarily purple and sage green anyways.

Much like most things that I buy, I need new plates about as much as I need a hole in my head. I have at least 40 plates in my apartment right now (most of them salad sized) because I seem to fall in love with salad plates on a pretty regular basis. My mom's part time job at crate and barrel a few years ago didn't help my cause. Luckily, I only buy four at a time and they always compliment each other. I like to mix things up when I decorate and two of these will look great next to the black and white damask plates that I already own.

If you had told my 17 year old self that I would care so much about plates and Pottery Barn, I probably would have puked in my mouth just a little bit. It's amazing how things change when you grow up. I can't wait until the day that I get to walk around with a rock on one hand and a scanner gun in the other because I want everything in the store. My wallet can't handle that but I'm not above asking others to buy it for me. Luckily, boyfriend can handle my pottery barn addiction. In fact, he's so picky, he's already picked out our future flatware.

I suppose that we are quite compatible.

Speaking of boyfriend, while I had my camera out, I decided to take a picture of the tulips that he brought me on Sunday. Tulips are my favorite and they are blooming quite beautifully.

On the list for the rest of the night- more relaxing, and a lot more cleaning. I managed to straighten up the living room and kitchen today, but the bathroom and bedroom are in major need of some attention. In the meantime, I'm sitting on my balcony with boyfriend's laptop.

Seriously, I love days off.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Buy This!

Buy this dress (the picture doesn't really do it justice- but it does have 5 stars).

Actually, buy it in a few colors. I ordered the Plum and the Blue (in case you were wondering), but it also comes in Brown, Green and Black.

It's from Target and it's only 22 dollars.

It's perfect for work and it's totally comfortable.

My advice- order a size down. I usually wear a Small or a Medium--but in this, a small did the trick. Also, you might need to bite the bullet and order online, they are flying of the shelves at the stores (free shipping over $50).

Let me know if you pick one up!

Nice Bump

Today, someone asked me if I am pregnant.


More specifically, she patted my stomach and said, "Are you trying to hide a little bump?"

Um, no you asshat. I'm not.

I just bought this dress on Saturday and it does not make me look pregnant.

Seriously, who asks that?

I mean, come on bitch, at least wait till tomorrow after I pig out on fondue.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another Sunday

Seriously, Sunday already?

I officially quit the loft today.

I say officially because I tried to quit on Wednesday. I came up with an ingenious plan to quit, but offer to work on Wednesday nights (keep the discount, work 5 hours). I told them how stressful the end of the school year is (and it is, all the little brats need testing asap) and informed them that weekends just weren't going to work out for me until at least July 2008.

I received a counter-offer on Friday that went something like this: We will take you off weekends, but you have to guarantee to work Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Oh, and you'll need to guarantee that after July, you'll go back to your original availability.

What is this? Atlantic City?!?

Anyways, I decided to ponder the counter-offer and told her that I'd let her know on Sunday. Well, that deal sounded pretty bunk if you ask me, so I decided to axe the loft altogether.

Of course Madame Loftiness is counting today as the first day of my two weeks notice.. so I'm not home free. yet.

I did pick up a few supplies today (i.e. dresses, pants, shirts) because I'm going to miss the discount. Luckily, the loft has 20% off sales almost every week so I'll get over it.

I'm pretty sure that my credit card will appreciate it as well.

In other news, I'm enjoying my Sunday night with boyfriend. He surprised me with tulips today so I've decided to be cuddly at what not. I'm not looking forward to the work week, but I have another girls night out tomorrow at a fondue restaurant (Lovely boyfriend named tomorrow the first day of our new diet. Ha, yeah right). Ms. Thing that Bitches a lot is out tomorrow for a wedding, which is a major plus. Additionally, I think that I'm going to be sick on Tuesday. I have a handful of sick days saved up and I haven't had a day off since March. That's unheard of in the educational work world.

Less Downer

I'm less of a Debbie after a gorgeous Saturday in the Mid-Atlantic.

I woke up yesterday and had a fabulous day running errands with boyfriend. We hit up the shops, he bought a lacrosse stick and we went out to lunch.

We finished off the night with a cook-out at my neighbors. We had beer, we had hot dogs and we had boccie ball.

I'm a fan of beautiful Saturdays.

It's a beautiful Sunday as well.. but i'm off to the Loft.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Thankful for Friday


-I still look and feel fatter than fat (Seriously, I'm sporting the 9 months pregnant look).

- I worked from 7:30-3:00 at real job, 3:30-10:00 at the loft. Gag me.

- I'm developing varicose veins in my legs. I knew that this would happen. My mom had them really bad (she has since had them removed).

- I spent my dinner break calling my mom and asking her to pay for my vein removal. I mean, it was her fault that I have them.

- I need a diet. Seriously. In. Major. Need.

- First Sighting of the season. The bats are back. Every summer, several obnoxious bats circle the air around my balcony. I'm deathly afraid of them after one flew right into my hoodie hood last summer. Ugh.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I got a new phone today. Normally, electronics don't excite me much- but I'm a fan of cell phones.

I went for the new LG EnV2. It just came out this week and I'm loving it. The entire front flips open with a keyboard. Swoon.