Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another Sunday

Seriously, Sunday already?

I officially quit the loft today.

I say officially because I tried to quit on Wednesday. I came up with an ingenious plan to quit, but offer to work on Wednesday nights (keep the discount, work 5 hours). I told them how stressful the end of the school year is (and it is, all the little brats need testing asap) and informed them that weekends just weren't going to work out for me until at least July 2008.

I received a counter-offer on Friday that went something like this: We will take you off weekends, but you have to guarantee to work Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Oh, and you'll need to guarantee that after July, you'll go back to your original availability.

What is this? Atlantic City?!?

Anyways, I decided to ponder the counter-offer and told her that I'd let her know on Sunday. Well, that deal sounded pretty bunk if you ask me, so I decided to axe the loft altogether.

Of course Madame Loftiness is counting today as the first day of my two weeks notice.. so I'm not home free. yet.

I did pick up a few supplies today (i.e. dresses, pants, shirts) because I'm going to miss the discount. Luckily, the loft has 20% off sales almost every week so I'll get over it.

I'm pretty sure that my credit card will appreciate it as well.

In other news, I'm enjoying my Sunday night with boyfriend. He surprised me with tulips today so I've decided to be cuddly at what not. I'm not looking forward to the work week, but I have another girls night out tomorrow at a fondue restaurant (Lovely boyfriend named tomorrow the first day of our new diet. Ha, yeah right). Ms. Thing that Bitches a lot is out tomorrow for a wedding, which is a major plus. Additionally, I think that I'm going to be sick on Tuesday. I have a handful of sick days saved up and I haven't had a day off since March. That's unheard of in the educational work world.


A.D. said...

So glad you are feeling too! I ended my horrible eating in style on Saturday night (pancakes, bacon, home fries...I think our waitress thought I was having pregnancy cravings)! Today, I ate really healthy and I'm going to stick to it as much as I can. So...I say go out in style...gorge yourself at the fondue place and start fresh the next day!
Sounds like it was good that you quit The Loft. They didn't seem very flexible on hours, and you're right about the weekly sales (plus you won't see the cute clothes and be tempted every day).
Hope you had a good weekend and enjoy your sick day!

Ashley said...

Glad you are feeling better too! what happened to your debbie downer post?

A.D. said...

I deleted it. Some of the people I work with read my blog and I was referring to them as the people not being there. I decided to delete it to avoid any hurt feelings. I really just wrote it to vent and get some sympathy :)!!!

A.D. said...
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